Wednesday, December 29, 2010


You may have noticed that I have a new ticker on the right side of my blog - the patch of grass with the ladybug. This is to keep you posted on the progress we are making with raising money for Abby, the baby I spoke about in my last post. This is not to ask you for money at all. It is just to keep you aware of how much we have raised through various fundraisers we are planning. My goal is for us to raise $3,000 in the next couple of months. Of course, I hope for a lot more, but my heart is telling me that this is a good amount to shoot for.

Thank you for your fundraising ideas they have been very helpful, but most of all thanks for your prayers. The family greatly appreciates it.

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  1. That's a neat idea hon. Good for you, and I will keep Abby and her family in my prayers.