Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Already Struggling

OK. This is only day 2 and already I've been so busy today that I didn't blog. So, here I am, just in time. My sister and I are taking our Cup-O-Cakes to a local fall festival this Saturday and we started making them today. We finished 2 dozen jars of Chocolate Overload and 2 dozen jars of Coconut before I had to leave to take my daughter to karate. We have 7 more dozen to make before Saturday morning.

I haven't done any sewing or anything crafty today. I did get a chance to collect some acorns to make a wreath. I haven't collected enough yet, but I plan on getting more next week. Dana from MADE has a great tutorial here for making these wreaths. You should check it out! This is a picture of her wreath below.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be more productive than today.

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