Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Finally Won Something

I can't remember winning anything in my life. Now, my mom and sister on the other hand, they win things all the time. For example, concert tickets, spa treatments, $1000, etc. Well, today that all changed. Look at what I won!

30 mini cupcakes...and they are soooo good!!!!

There is a local business, Holly's Cakes, who periodically does giveaways on Facebook. She will post a trivia question and the first person with the right answer gets some kind of cupcakes. Today happened to be a variety pack. There is Strawberry, Red Velvet, Orange and Hummingbird (tastes like banana nut).

Now if only I could win an Accuquilt GO! Cutter, then I would really consider myself lucky. :o)


  1. You and me both re: GO! giveaways ! ! ! ! !

  2. Nice weekend treat and you can spend time sewing instead of baking LOL, Sandy

  3. ...and your luck is holding! YOU just won RJR Woodland fabrics from beyond the reef. Ta da.
    Congratulations!! (again!!)