Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Festival

Today I got up at 5 a.m. (yes, it is Saturday and yes, I know I'm crazy for doing it). Today is the day that my sister and I set up a table at a local fall festival to sell our Cup-O-Cakes. Saying it was cold this morning is an understatement. At 9 a.m. it was 38 degrees, so I can only image how cold it was when we started setting up at 7 a.m. Here are 2 pictures, one of me, then one of my sister as we bundled up against the cold.

I'm on the left, my sister on the right.

I just noticed the guy in the background of my picture is wearing shorts :-O What was he thinking!!! We couldn't feel our toes for the first couple of hours!

This was our table. Very simple. There is the jar of candy corn everyone was talking about. We were having everyone guess how many pieces were in the jar. Can you believe it was 2,619? That's a lot of candy corn!

Here are a few random shots of the festival. I didn't have much time to walk around and take pictures but I did get a few.

There was a tractor parade :)
Train for the kids.
This is one of the many things that we ate today. You wouldn't believe the food. Okay, maybe you would. I wish I had gotten a picture of all the food we did eat. This funnel cake was so big that my sister and I shared it and we still couldn't eat it all!
I had a great time with my sister today and I hope you had someone to spend your Saturday with.

Until tomorrow...
p.s. There is an Accuquilt GO! Cutter giveaway at Lavender Ridge. The deadline to enter is November 10th.


  1. Hi Aleisha! Wow, you beat my getting up time by an hour and a half! And it was cold here, too! You both look so cute all bundled up...I hope that you sold a lot of your Cup-O-Cakes. My craft fair was just so-so; not too many people buying much of anything. I'll blog all about it tomorrow, along with my give away winners and introducing you to my readers! :O)



  2. Brrr! Your pictures make me cold :) But I would rather be in the chilled air than in the HOT SUN! Hope you had a great time and did some great networking!
    Welcome to Bloggity Town, I'll pop-in again.

  3. That does look cold. Candy Corn is one of my favorite Halloween treats but I do get tired of it easily....and that was a lot. Hope you can feel your toes now.

  4. Hi! Cyndi at bluebirdswing sent me...and now I am a follower!! You DO look cold in these pictures- true dedication. Looking forward to more blogs, fondly, Sandy

  5. That looks like a great time! Coming here by way of Cyndi at Blue Bird Swings - becoming a follower. Have a great week. Jo from MN

  6. Hi there. Welcome to blog land. I'm in the same boat as you. I seem to have a lot of visitors to my blog, but not many followers. Can I join you in the '50 target' and then we could both do a giveaway?? I'm in Australia, so a joint promo from both sides of the Pacific could be fun. I am at
    I've just added myself as a follower to you.
    Good luck. Regards, Alison

  7. Hi! Cyndi at bluebirdswing sent me over!!
    Brrrrr is right!! LOL
    Hope you did well at the fair!

  8. You look so cold, and winter is still on the way.
    Cyndi from bluebirdswing asked me to check out your new blog. Welcome to blog land. I have become a follower.

  9. I don't think I could have gotten up that early, let alone to go be OUTSIDE, lol! BRRRR!

  10. Hello, another Aussie here and I thought I'd have a look at your blog on Cyndi's suggestion. I don't blog as much as I could and I love photos on blogs :). Love your shots of the fair and I'm about to become a follower.

  11. Welcome to blogland- I hope that you meet lots of quilters and crafters and people that share your passion for creating.
    I am a quilter from Western Canada- bluebird swing sent me to your blog.
    I love the tractor parade and the train out of oil drums.
    Thanks for sharing your fun day- Hope the cupcake sales went well too.

  12. Welcome to Blogville! Cyndi @ bluebirdswing sent me over.Looks like a fun festival going on there. Now, I'm off to explore your blog!

  13. Hi! I'm over from Cyndi's spot, too. I know you'll make it to 50 in no time! I'm looking forward to getting to know you!
    Take care,
    PS Is there anything better than funnel cake at 0600 hrs?
    PSS What exactly are cup o cakes? Sounds intriguing..and yummy!

  14. Found your blog via Cyndi.
    I also followed your Commenter - Alison-

    I know you will thoroughly enjoy blogging and finding all kinds of new friends and followers.