Friday, November 12, 2010

Nancy's Notions

I had a friend introduce me to Nancy's Notions this week. You can shop online or through their catalog. I haven't ordered anything from them yet. I am waiting for my catalog to come in the mail. I would rather see it in print in front of me than on a computer screen. They have a variety of sewing/quilting supplies, patterns, embroidery designs, fabric, books, etc.
Here is what I found the most interesting...They sell the Accuquilt GO! Cutter for $299.00 with FREE shipping. You get different dies if you buy one from Accuquilt directly, but it is definitely worth checking out since it is $50.00 cheaper.
Has anyone out there ever heard of or had any experience with Nancy's Notions?


  1. Love Nancy's Notions. Great service.

  2. It's a great company, as is Nancy!

  3. I love love love Nanvy's Notions! I just got 3 Christmas presents (dies for the GO!) "no shipping charge" because I had signed up a while back to get the newsletter. Frequently you will get email with discounts, and often, a coupon or free machine needle with your purchase! I have never had to return anything- My dies were about 30-35% off the regular price. That's my 2 cents. Sandy

  4. She is the queen. I've watched her on tv for years. I've never heard anything but good things about her and her company!